From the Director – August 10, 2018

BAND CAMP: The music for the wind players is posted on the website under the ‘Students’ tab. Please print your part and learn the first two movements by the beginning of band camp. Do not let Aug. 20th be the first time you have picked up your instrument in 2 months. We can’t afford that as a competitive marching band.
Attached you will find some basic information concerning band camp. It is important that I have everybody there on every day. Most of the show will be learned at camp, the more we can get through, the better our season will turn out.
Stress a few things on the attached paper:
NO open toe shoes for marching
White shirts for evening rehearsals (band)
          red or black shirt for the VE (visual ensemble)
Water, water, water, water
PARENTS: we need you! It takes a large amount of parental support and all hands on deck to get a band from square 1 to the end of season square. If you have never experienced the marching band in rehearsal, competition parking lot, on the field, travel, fitting uniforms, logistics, sweltering heat, pouring rain, crying, laughing, succeeding… you need to be a part of the MAC Band. I would ask that you not only make sure that your student gets to practices, but if you have a few minutes, stop and stand with us for a while. Walk around, talk to the staff, ask questions, lend a hand, be a part.
Band parent meeting Tuesday Aug. 14, 7:00 PM Grandhaven Elementary Library.
I will answer all your questions, and if not, I will find the answers.
Check it out:
text “@m4cb4nd” to 81010
Want to talk to band parents who really understand? Have questions or concerns? Stop by Incahoots and talk to Brian & Janet …
Marching band this year will cost an average of $250 a student. This can be paid to the high school book keeper who is currently stationed on the second floor of the Adams campus.
If you need financial assistance. PLEASE find the financial assistance form in the Forms and Docs tab on our website.
Large amounts of money are being spent currently to have the instruments, uniforms, music, drill, equipment, and staff for the season. Please start to pay your fees or continue to pay if you have already started.
MARCH-A-THON . Friday Aug. 24, 10:00 AM the band will be marching about 2.5 miles. Students can use this as a fundraiser. Students can get pledges for total individual miles marched by the band. For example: I have 75 kids march 2 miles, that is 150 total miles marched. If a student gets a bid for 10 cents a mile, they would collect $15 from that donor. The goal of every student would be to get $1 in total pledges. They would earn over $150 toward their band fees by marching with the band Friday morning.
Ten people pledge 10 cents a mile. Easy money. The march-a-thon form is on the web page. The students have 2 weeks to get their pledges.
Questions? Reply.
Thank you.
D. Barton
Marching Band Camp Aug. 20-24, 2018
Monday – Thursday
9:00 – 11:30 Marching Basics Patton Field
Guard and Front Ensemble will be inside (we hope)
11:30 LUNCH Home or school
1:00 – 3:30 Music Rehearsal Patton Middle Scholl
Bring Music and instrument
3:30 DINNER Home
6:00 – 8:30 Drill Wortman Stadium (or Baker if plans change)
10:00 March-a-thon
12:00 or TBA Parent performance Wortman Stadium
Snacks will be provided to the students during the rehearsals. We will also have some water etc.
Students need to have the following with them every day.
Water – the bigger the better
Sun Block
Hats good, sunglasses bad
White shirt (Band) for evening rehearsals (unless raining)
Red or black shirt (Visual Ensemble VE) to be determined.
Tennis shoes – NO flip flops or open toe sandals
Drill sheet (if received)
We need the following:
3 helpers each day at 10:00 & 2:00 to help with snacks
Dads willing to offer a little time and a little help
Shade canopies if you have them
Lots of enthusiastic support!
Links to Printable Band Camp Schedules:

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  1. What is the schedule for guard members? What is guard doing during the 1:00-3:30 time slot each day?

    1. Kendra, I spoke with Mr Barton and he said that the schedule is the same for the guard as the band. Usually the guard will be in the Patton Gym during morning and afternoon rehearsals but may occasionally be out on the field. Evenings the guard will be on the field with the band at Wortman Stadium or Baker Field. Thanks for asking, Brian

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