Open Letter to Band Parents

Dear Marching Band Parents,

I would like to welcome you all to this year’s Marching season. As a band parent like you I wanted to encourage all of you to get involved. I have found Marching Band to be one of the most rewarding volunteer activities I have gotten involved in. It has become an activity our family can be involved in together. Having said that, I want to be clear I have no musical background but I have found that I can truly help out as each of you will find out. No experience needed! There are always ways to help out. No effort is too small. I have found even just having an extra pair of clean or new black socks in my bag to lend out, a bobby pin, or safety pin, my small sewing kit, tape can make a huge difference in how well the show goes.

Others have helped by being the “muscle” to move the props/equipment onto the field or get the music stands up in the bleachers during games, or making sure that there is water for the students. Parent involvement is also needed in fundraising, chaperoning events, cooking for 100+ hungry marchers, setting up tents, cleaning up, being an ear to talk/cry to, someone to laugh and celebrate with…basically supporting these amazing kids. There are so many ways to help I could go on and on and I probably will as the season continues because the band needs you. All of you.

This is a call to ACTION! Please get involved! You might actually get hooked on Marching Band like our family. We have met and made so many amazing friends. Thank you to all of the families we have already met and can’t wait to meet those of you coming in.

Janet Gahr

parent of Rain Bailey/ Senior- Clarinet

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