October 10, 2023 MBPO Meeting Minutes

  • Introductions
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • AS of yesterday ~$1900 in the bank account. We have $8700 in the Bottle Drop account, so we are $6800 to the positive.
    • Some outstanding bills:  we owe drums, containers, props, gas, equipment, etc. Total of$7500 still need to be paid.  Disney trip was payed off until we got a bill for the vans $2500 included in the above $7500
    • About $5000 will be coming due with possible growth in this area due to more unexpected expenses.
    • More fundraisers still needed.
    • McMenamins brought in $1934.
    • Andrea Miliam isa still looking for more scholarships and donations.
    • Still some dues need to be paid, if you have not paid please do so.
    • Next month’s meeting the Budget will be cleaned up and communicated.
  • Director’s Report
    • Thank you for being here.  Thank you for supporting your kids.  Everything we do is for the benefit of your kids.  We support the school, but everything we do is to benefit the kids to help them go
      through things resiliently.
    • Kamiak trip was very good.  Typical band trip something may go wrong.  Planned in May based on past experience.  Mr. Barton watching this competition for the last couple of years.  We chose to support Kamiak since they come to our competitions all the time.  Exact distance as Grants Pass. Typically the schedule is handed out 4 months before, and then email to help with logging at local schools.  Mariners High School decided to do Homecoming that same day.  Required schedule to move up 3 hours.  Schools that normally house students said they will not be hosting
      other schools.  It was a perfect storm.
    • 3 weeks ago we started to resolve housing and busing issues.  Bussing has gone up 40%.  First Student was going to charge ~$5000.  Charter bus was $4500.  Split the cost with the district.  Best scenario to leave Friday evening during a football game.  Charter bus driver needed appropriate rest time, and had to leave earlier around 6:00 pm.  Called around to find a place for kids to sleep. Even looked at switching competitions.  Found an Airbnb for all members, 2 units not connected 6
      bedrooms 4 bath. All kids stayed on the floor, no closed doors,  Girls down stairs with 3 chaperones, Boys upstairs.  Glad we went, but we will not be going back to Kamiak again.  Great trip, kids had fun.
    • Grants Pass, we will stay in a hotel, and they love us and it is a great
      competition.  Excited to go, leaving at 7:00 in the morning on Saturday.  Possible stopping at the Curtin, Oregon in the center of the eclipse path.  Need eclipse glasses possibly, maybe cloudy and don’t need them.
    • If you have any issues or concerns and need to talk to someone other than Barton. Darci Hinthorn will talk and discuss concerns with you.
    • If you have experience with hauling a trailer, please let us know. We have 2 trailers and only 1 dedicated driver. We could use more drivers to help.
    • Questions:  Are they on yellow school buses for Grants Pass? Yes using 2 school buses.  If you plan on taking your child away please let us know
  • Committee Reports
    • Bottle drop:  Bottle drop working well, local bottle drop working well.  Monthly bottle collection works well.  Hold the sticker away to open the door.  Pick up blue bags and stickers from Incahoot as needed.
    • Fundraising:  Nothing new going on.  Commitments are made following up to receive money. Seeking for as many donations as possible, to pay the bills.
    • Uniforms:  Sheri is working on repairs for some uniforms.
    • Props:  Props worked well, no new repairs at this time.  Props are getting painted Tuesday night and should be done by Grants Pass.
    • Trailer:  Had 2 blowouts during the trip to Kamiak competition, tires getting fixed on Wednesday, School district
      paying for tires.
    • Food:  Serving lunch and dinner on Saturday for Grants Pass
    • Merchandise:  Pre-ordered products have been placed no eta at this time.
  • New Business
    • Grants Pass:  Kids staying in Hotel $25 per student at the Red Lion (This is additional payment).  Payments accepted on the website. In payment, put the child’s name and Grants
      Pass in the memo section.
  • For the Good of the Order.
    • Can we get more trailer keys? Brian is taking care of that
    • Student cost is $25 per kid for Grants Pass hotel, however if you are available to pay a
      little more to help cover hotel rooms for staff.

Respectfully submitted by Chris Shurts