November 14, 2023

MBPO General Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2023

  1. Introductions were done and attendance was recorded.
  2. Welcome to the Parent meeting
  3. Secretary Report: Everything is Good.
  4. Treasury Report: On hand -$12,280.31.  Bottle Drop $9,218.96.  Total -$3,061.35
    1. Outstanding bills: Kamiak Food, U of O Wristbands, Busing to Kamiak, and Some missing from fuel and merchandise.
  5. Directors Report:
    1. December Concerts are scheduled on the School Calendar, Jazz Concert on 12/18, Choir Concert on 12/19, Band Concert 12/20. Thank you for helping out during Marching Season.  It is greatly appreciated.  Winter season starts in the 2nd week of December.  Compete February and March.  Practice will be Tuesday and Thursday evening, and Saturday mornings.  There will be 3 or 4 performances for each group. There is only percussion and guard, so kids join in and participate.  Pep band will play at all double headers basketball games after January 1st, about 5 nights total.  Middle School Dunaway is starting to begin a winter percussion and winter guard program.
    2. Questions: Is our program open to neighboring High Schools that don’t have a program? Yes, as long as the High School that they attend does not have a marching band program, the students can come join and participate with our school. We invite kids from all small schools to participate in parade season, and those that participate loved joining us.
  6. Bottle Drive: Next Bottle drive Saturday 11/25.  Students can earn $25 towards their marching band fees or winter season fees for this year if they work at least 1 hour at the bottle drive.
  7. Fundraising: Popcorn fundraiser in February.  Gift Card fundraiser, “Raise Right Fundraiser”, phone app option, Purchase a gift card to spend your everyday spending, then use the gift card to purchase. App is easy to use.  Can use a physical card as well. Spot for student name, so when funds come in get counted towards students. No Activation fees. Possible transaction fee of $0.29 when using debit card. Money comes to the band after a gift card is purchased.  Next year carwash will be scheduled for 1 week after band camp in August to allow students enough time to fundraise.
  8. Budget: The Marching Band budget estimated $29,500 actually spent $23,358 expected to have $3000 over after everything is closed out.  Percent of students who have paid or not paid, we are about 75% of students who have paid. Still missing about 25% needing to pay.  Remember students can participate in bottle drives and other fundraisers to help pay for their band fees.  Winter programs cost about $10,000 for Winter guard, and $10,000 for Winter Percussion.  Fees are $150 for Winter Guard or Winter Percussion.  Discussed band cost price to ensure we are covering cost but not charging too much. Continuing to look for ways to improve communication to help communicate with parents about information.  Do we do concerts at the middle Schools? We try and keep trying to have to go through administration.  The Middle School administration needs to ensure that Teachers have the time they need to instruct.
  9. Communication: Discussion about communication and sharing with family and kids. Continuing to find ways to improve communication. Currently 50% of people that receive email are opening the email. Please bring ideas for communication to January’s meeting. Also start planning for next year’s schedule of fundraisers.
  10. Uniform update: Things went well.  We need to wash all uniforms at Alpine cleaners.  Need to verify numbers on uniforms when they come back.
  11. Question: Has the band had their yearbook photo? Yes during band camp.
  12. Props: Nothing to share.
  13. Food committee: We came in under budget.  Kids were well fed.  Thank you Tegan, for all your hard work feeding all of us.
  14. Merchandise: Merchandise will be stored in the Band room and will be available for all concerts. Online orders can be lost and we need 24 of something to order, looking to improve.
  15. Travel: No information
  16. New Business
    1. Swingin’ on the Star put on by the Music boosters, net over $30,000. Meeting is Scheduled for December 12th at 6:15pm to help organize and work on details.  Scheduled for Saturday January 27th.  Application to use the Community Center has been turned in.  Performers will be Middle School bands, some elementary choir, jazz band, Twilighters, and Sterling Jazz choir.  There will be some invitations to Linfield, and other bands to perform.  Food will be provided by Biscuit and Pickles – voting on the menu on December 12th.  Charge $45 for meals.  There will be a raffle of items, need suggestions or items to raffle off.  Looking for donations for the raffle, examples bottle of wine, beer, vacation, airplane flights.  Money goes to support music programs through the district, elementary and up.  Discussion on the food for student workers, we need to ensure workers are fed, and not just performers. Could use a volunteer to help with managing pizza for students.
  17. For the Good of the order: The next Bottle drives will be November 11/25 and December 30th.  Thank you for coming to the meeting, and Thank you for helping with Marching Band season.

Respectfully submitted by Chris Shurts

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