MBPO Meeting 2/13/24

MBPO General Metting

  • Director’s report:
    • Grants Pass trip for the Winter Guard on March 9th.  We will stay the night come back on March 10.  Parent Group will rent a 8’ U-haul trailer and Mr. Barton will haul it down to Grants Pass.  Jeremy will remind Mr. Barton to call the hotel to get rooms.  Kids will need to pay $25 for the night.  We will need a parent count of who is coming to ensure kids make it down to Grants pass.  There will be a mandatory Parent Meeting for Winter Guard Parents on Tuesday 2/27.
    • Winter Percussion will be going to Sherwood on March 9th.  We will need some help to set up tents and food.  Tegan Johnson will be providing food but could use help for set-up and clean up of tents and food.  The trailer will be loaded on Thursday March 7th to be ready to go on Saturday.  Brian or Patrick will pull trailer to Sherwood.  
    • Winter Percussion will be performing at South Albany on 2/17.  We will need parents to set up tents.  Logistically we need some parents to arrive in separate vehicle earlier to have them set-up before kids show up Teagan Johnson taking care of food.  Brian has a list of stuff.  Kids should arrive at school at 7:30am Leave at 8:00am.  The kids will be taking a bus to South Albany.
    • Upcoming events:  Pep band on 2/28 and 3/2 (not scheduled yet).  There will possibly playoff games on 3/7, 3/8, and 3/9.  School will take care of everything.  Concerts will be right before spring break.  Jazz Concert on March 19th and Symphonic and Concert bands on March 21st.
    • League Jazz went well, and the band did great.
    • Further needs for this season:  We need to buy some flags for the winter guard, looking for a dark purple flag.  We will need to buy pastel button up shirts for percussion.  Andrea Milam asked Mr. Barton to remind kids about popcorn sales this week. Popcorn sales have now concluded.
  • Secretary reports:  Questions were answered above about the Grants Pass trip.
  • Treasurer report:  We need $6700 more to be black in June. More details next month when Brian is back.
  • Next Bottle Drive is on February 24th.  We already have some kids signed up to help.
  • Fundraiser:  Popcorn fundraiser this week.  $253 total sold, and half of that comes to us.  Fundraiser is now finished.  For students who participate in fundraisers, the money they earn goes towards fees first then general fund.  Question was asked if kids make more than yearly fees owed, can they roll over to next year?  Yes they can if they choose to do that, but it is important to remember that the fees do not cover all of the expenses of marching band and winter seasons.  There will be another Popcorn fundraiser for late spring or early next year to cover school fees for next year.  The Raise right fees have changed, fees are a little lighter so more money goes to the band. This is a on-going fundraiser.  Last month brought in $18.00.  We now have an account with Front Door, for grant writing,  Lori O’Nion is working on applying for a local Walmart grant.  First Federal members please vote during the Month of February for McMinnville Music Boosters.  We get the money.
  • Budget:  Winter Percussion needs shirts.
  • Props:  Trees need to be painted and sanded.  Alex is taking care of that with the Guard.
  • Merchandise:  Looking to pre-order at the end of this year so we can get the product earlier in the season.
  • New Business:  Jazz on 3rd will be on April 23rd at The Grand “formerly the Grand Ballroom.”  We will sell some food and wine as a fundraiser for the band.  There will be a list for help needed coming out as we get closer to the event.  Western Oregon University jazz band will perform as well as Mac Jazz Band.  Jamie Akers will lead the food and drinks and may need help.

Respectfully submitted by Chris Shurts