Director’s Letter July 27, 2020

Dear marching band student and parent,

Welcome to the 2020 Marching Band season. We want to create a fun, exciting, rewarding, challenging, and safe environment for your performer. This year promises to be the best season yet, even considering the challenges that have been placed on us.

The band begins their season Aug. 3 – Aug. 7 in a much shortened version of band camp. Normally students would be out of town, rehearsing 3 times a day, and being completely worn out, yet having the most fun they have had for a long time. This year we have to simplify our schedule down to one rehearsal in the morning. Please make every effort to have your student participate in every rehearsal. We tend to move very quickly and even one rehearsal will mean that extra effort will need to be exerted to catch up.

I have attached a list of expectations pertaining to safety, that we will all need to comply with. I have also attached some health forms that will need to be filled out and handed in. We will make them available to the parents on the first day, if needed, but we ask that you have them turned in by Friday Aug. 7 at the very latest.

Also attached is the original calendar for this year. PLEASE review this calendar with your parent/student. I guarantee that it will change due to the fact that many activities, sports, and competitions have been cancelled, moved, or changed in a way that can preclude us from attending. We will be constantly looking for opportunities to perform during the season.

The cost to perform this year has been reduced because of the change of schedules. The total price for the marching band will be $150. We would ask that the first $50 be paid by Friday Aug. 7. This fee can be paid online to Traci at the high school… I will find out how… soon. We have MANY bills to pay, and marching band is the most expensive activity to run, but also one of the least expensive for fees. Please be prompt with your payments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I will try to answer as
quickly as I can.

Stand Tall, head high, feet firm, eyes wide, no fear, inside, we are: MAC PRIDE!!

Hope to see you all on Aug. 3.
D. Barton