News – September 27, 2020

Greetings Band Parents and Mac Band Supporters,

As a reminder (or if you missed the previous email), rehearsals are happening on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, but not on Saturday mornings. And the location has been changed to the stadium instead of Baker field.

At the moment no parents have signed up this week to help with checking in students at the start of rehearsals 🙁  Please click here and add your name to the list. Thanks!

Bottle Drive Success
It was perfect weather for Saturday’s Bottle Drive. Loads of bottles and cans were dropped off, bagged up, and the band trailer is about 3/4 full of blue bags ready to be taken to a Bottle Drop location.

Big thanks to Jamie, Olivia, Felecia, Mason, and Jennifer for lending a hand!

Note: This bag of picnic supplies was inadvertently left along with some bags of cans and bottles. It is safely locked in the band trailer for now, but if you recognize it, please let me know and we’ll get it back to you.



Time for a Meeting

It’s been a while since we have had a Band Parent Meeting, and there are a few things we should get together and talk about. I’m looking at our usual 2nd Tuesday of the month (which would be October 13th). The question is whether to meet in person (socially distanced and facially covered) or do the Zoom thing. Please reply and let me know what would work best for you.

Brian Bailey
McMinnville Band Parent Organization

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