The Band Stand 12/30/22

First of all, I would like to say that I am ready to converse with anybody about their Christmas Vacation war stories. I’m loaded with lots of ammo on this one. I am now convinced I will never travel over winter break again. Feel free to commiserate with me about any woes you may have had, it will be therapeutic. But on a good note, I was able to share a lot of time with 2 of my grand babies. That made it all  worthwhile.

In other news… here are the upcoming activities for the music program in January

WG & WP practices Tues 1/3 and Thurs 1/5 6-8:30, 

    Sat.1/7 9-12

Mon  1/9,16 & Th 1/12,19 6-8:30

Sat. 1/ 14, 21 9-12

Tues 1/24 and Thurs 1/26 6-8:30

Sat 1/28 9-12

Mon 1/30 and Thurs 2/2 6-8:30

Sat 2/4 9-12

   Quick explanation: Pep bands are on Tuesdays except for the first one, so we had to move the guard and percussion practices to Mondays on weeks of pep bands. Weeks of NO pep band they are back on Tuesday to help with the scheduling of our staff.

Pep band double headers Wednesday  1/4 5:30 – 8:30

Tuesday 1/10, 17, 31 5:30 – 8:30

Tuesday 2/7, 14 OR 17 5:30 – 8:30

   Quick explanation: we only do one pep band night a week and the week of February 14 has 2 double headers, we either do Tuesday the 14th or Friday the 17th. I’m leaning toward Friday because it would be senior night and the last home game. 

Swinging on a Star (previously Jazz Night) Saturday 1/28 5:30-8:30pm

     We will be needing some volunteer help with this undertaking. Swinging on a star is the biggest fundraiser for the music program. big thing = big assistance. Please contact the BPO if you would like to help. 

Other upcoming: District Jazz festival Thursday 2/9 @MHS during school

      Mac Band 6 hr challenge   Saturday 2/18 @ MHS 10-4 

                                       This is a possible fundraiser for the band

Disney update:   The original plan was to spend 2 days at Disney because our educational session will take up a couple hours of time that the kids will lose out in the park. And honestly, if we are going all the way down there, we might as well make the fun equal to the misery of travel.

BUT: Disney does not have park tickets available the day before or after our educational session day (March 26)

So: here are my choices 

  1. Only go one day.   (To me, that is not worth the trip) but add travel destinations
  2. Go one day to Disney and one day elsewhere like Universal Studios (this could be a lot of fun for the kids who have never been there before. Scheduling stays the same, sort of)
  3. Move the trip off of Spring break and find two days that Disney can take us and we don’t lose a lot of school. (April 14-16 or May 5-7)  I don’t like being that person who keeps moving things back until it is too late and then cancel. 
  4.         <— go here please Disney Questionnaire

Please fill out the questionnaire and share your thoughts. A lot is happening soon. I will try to stay on top of this newsletter. Email questions to me and I will try to answer them in my next letter home.

D. Barton