Mac Band Water Bottle


Whether you’re cleaning drill, moving props, or in sectionals for prolonged periods, it’s important to keep hydrated. The Powder Coated H2GO Ascent has been designed with long rehearsals in mind, and boasts a large 170 ml (24 oz) capacity for when you need additional fluids.

This copper vacuum insulated thermal water bottle is capable of keeping hot drinks at an optimum temperature for upwards of 12 hours, making it the perfect beverage storage solution for those long bus rides. It’s also capable of keeping cold drinks chilled for 24 hours, so when the sun’s beating down on a long day’s competition, you know you can rely on the H2Go Ascent for re-hydration and refreshment.

The rich matte red powder coated finish is scratch resistant, durable and smudge-proof with extra grip. Imprinted with the classic Mac Band logo on the front and the Mac Pride chant on the back.

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